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Regional Sales And Marketing Optimization Modeling: A Call For Technical Changes

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Decision Science Asset Diversification Versus Concentration In An Evolving Pharmaceutical Market

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The Importance Of Governance In Your Incentive Compensation Program

Designing Incentive Compensation Plans for Specialty Products

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Global Pharma Pricing and Market Effects of President Trump’s Proposed Policies

Make US Pharma Great Again!? – Part 2

Make US Pharma Great Again!? – Part 1

Econometric Analysis of Biopharmaceutical Transfer Pricing

Pharma Sales and Marketing Restrictions – Has the Pendulum Swung Too Far?

Patient Claims versus EHR Data – How to Choose Between the Two?

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The Relationship Between Drug Price Controls and Patient Health Outcomes

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Latest Pharma R&D Cost Estimates – Implications for the Expanded Use of Commercial Analytics

Impact of State Pharmacy Drug Product Selection Laws on Patient Brand – Generic Drug Utilization

The Evidence Supporting Sales Rep Access Restrictions to Physicians – “Where’s the Beef?”

Challenges to Traditional Pharma Incentive Compensation Plan Design

The Pricing Challenge of Pharma’s Shift to Specialty Medicines

Measuring Sales Rep – Physician Relationship Disruption in Sales Force Optimization & Territory Alignment Analyses

Driver Score – The New Paradigm

The Evidence Supporting Sales Rep Access Restrictions to Physicians – “Where’s the Beef?”

At Supplier Management crossroads?

Deploying K Nearest Neighbor Modeling Methodologies for Real World Problems

A Mathematical Framework for Privacy Risk

Operational Risk Management in Banks

Basel Downturn- Identification & Estimation

Borrower Centrism- Bring ‘Service’ back into Mortgage Servicing

Behavioral Segment Based Stress Testing Using Markov Chain

Evolution of SDLC

Portfolio Stress Testing Methodologies

Claim Operations Optimization

Enabling Smarter Commercial Model Experimentation

Linking Customer Focus with Business Performance

Risk Basel Methodology Implementation

Is Channel ROI Dead?

Improve STAR Rating with Analytics led Therapy Adherence

Operational Risk Computation

Creating an Effective And Motivating IC Plan

Better reporting with the iPad

Mortgage Servicer – You’ve Got Information!

Payer Influence on Product Performance in Pharmaceutical Industry

Telematics- Watching Your Every Move

The Agile and Adaptive Sales Territory Alignment

Effective quality assurance for bank

From “Sick” Care to “Health” Care: Analytics Driven Transformation

Account Based Models In An Institutional Setting

The Recent Woes of Non-Bank Mortgage Servicers

Case Studies

Maximizing Sales Force Productivity Through Effective Territory Alignment

Mining Unstructured Data Using NLP And ML To Improve Quality Of Patient Care

Implementing a Clinical Quality Scorecard for a large Hospital Network

How Online Advertisements Drive Offline Sales for a Major CPG Client

Measure efficiency of web registration process for a leading Auto insurer

Customer Journey Analytics for a BCBS Payer

Incentive Compensation Program for a Medical Device Company

Re-haul the loan conversion process

Improved conversion rate and market share for a major online travel agency

Top Tier Pharma Firm – Call Planning Implementated for Multiple Sales Forces

Acquisition and Initial Line Assignment Strategy Design- US Credit Card Issuer

Digital keyword optimization engine for a leading retailer

Customer Valuation Analytics to Ensure Customized Targeting

Customer loyalty program for the largest electronic retailer in the world

Stress Testing for Basel Models

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