Incentive Compensation Management

Motivating behaviors that drive performance

The sales force is your most strategic asset when it comes to driving commercial success. A well-designed Incentive Compensation program holds the keys to aligning sales efforts across the organization and executing your strategy.

With deep domain knowledge and experience in leading global commercial transformations, Axtria delivers:

  • An integrated commercial operations platform in the cloud
  • A unique blend of people, process, and technology experience
  • Embedded insights at the point of decision
  • Strong compensation process governance
  • A culture of trust and transparency


Axtria SalesIQ delivers everything needed to manage and optimize the entire Incentive Compensation process in the cloud.

  • Incentive Compensation plan design and administration
  • Scenario modeling and optimization
  • Error-free sales crediting
  • User friendly interface for field disputes and inquiries
  • Mobile-ready reporting and gamification

It is the only Incentive Compensation solution built on Salesforce’s, leveraging enterprise-grade performance, security, and scalability.

People, process, and technology experience: Axtria is the partner of choice for delivering high performance Incentive Compensation programs at global scale.

With a dedicated Incentive Compensation practice, our industry professionals have a unique blend of domain knowledge, process experience, and technology expertise.

The Axtria team provides consultative leadership and a company culture of innovation that continually challenges the status-quo.

Embedded insights at the point of decision: Use data insights to continually evaluate and respond to market conditions.

  • Models to evaluate every aspect of the compensation plan
  • Rich tools to set, simulate, and finalize goals
  • Incentive Compensation plan effectiveness reporting to identify issues and course-correct
  • Interactive calculators to inform and motivate sales teams
  • Pre-built dashboards across every aspect of compensation performance

Strong compensation process governance: Establish control, streamline communication, and avoid lengthy dispute resolution processes.

  • Comprehensive workflow and approval management
  • Full traceability from transactions through to payment
  • Effective process for field disputes and inquiries
  • Single platform to manage diverse global incentive requirements
  • Project management office (PMO) enabled delivery framework with strong transition management and quality focus

A culture of trust and transparency: Put an end to the “black box approach” and take control of the entire incentive process from a central location.

  • Intuitive self-service experience
  • Access to compensation details anytime, anywhere
  • Complete transparency into calculations and underlying data
  • Easily share compensation information with the sales team
  • Integrated field communications platform

Global Incentive Compensation For Top 20 Pharma

Axtria announces a strategic agreement to improve productivity and effectiveness through incentives and bonuses for all global commercial teams on the cloud-based Axtria SalesIQ platform.


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State Of Commercial Excellence 2017

With significant structural and financial transformation underway in the healthcare environment, we believe that commercial promotional strategy can once again become a competitive advantage for companies willing to think creatively, challenge conventions, and experiment in the marketplace.


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