Axtria MarketingIQ™

Maximize marketing ROI with efficient and effective operations

Axtria MarketingIQ™ is a cloud-based multi channel marketing platform to enable high-impact, customer-centric and profitable campaigns, leveraging efficient operations. The platform comprises next-generation tools and processes to provide for greater efficiency and effectiveness, eventually translating to improved campaign performance and more profitable customers.

  • Cloud Based Integrated Marketing Ops Platform
  • Standard APIs to integrate with Third Party
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Automated workflows and Approval Mechanisms
  • Tracking and Analysis of Campaigns in Real time

Marketing Planning and Budgeting

Axtria’s Marketing Planning and Budgeting is a flexible and easy-to-use module with rich visualization, facilitating budgetary decisions, channel mix optimization and forecasting analysis. The module allows for simulation of various business scenarios in order to determine the best course of action. The key features include:

  • Next-generation advanced analytics
  • In-built default scenarios along with the ability to design customized scenarios
  • Intuitive user interface, easy navigation
  • Ability to model multi-channel and multi-stakeholder effects

Marketing Design and Cross Channel Campaigns

Axtria’s Marketing Design and Cross Channel Campaigns is an automated module to help you design appropriate campaigns for engaging the right customers, at the right time and place with appropriate messaging. The key capabilities include:

  • Ability to gain insights into customer preferences and tailor the campaign content accordingly
  • Ability to handle multiple data assets across channels including – company-specific data assets and warehouse, external datasets received from third party vendor, as well as data generated within the platform itself
  • Enable use, re-use and tracking of campaign building blocks, including audiences, segments, offers, treatments, and exclusion rules
  • A module for digital marketing that allows for an effective, engaging and profitable digital presence

Marketing Operations

Axtria’s Marketing Operations module enables quick and cost effective design, execution and management of customer-driven communication strategies across all digital and traditional channels. The key capabilities include:

  • Helps marketers align resources to objectives, streamline production processes, track budgets and expenses, and improve team collaboration
  • Provides for easy configuration of work flows and plans as well as approval, alerts and notifications
  • Includes pre-defined set of reports to monitor status and health of various projects, programs and plans
  • Can be configured for varying roles with varying levels of access and authority
  • Ability to course-correct based on early warning signals

Marketing Reporting

Axtria’s Marketing Reporting module provides for a mobile-enabled platform for real time monitoring of all campaigns. The tool provides for a multi-dimensional view including 360 degree view of customer, comprehensive view of a campaign across channels and customers, as well as an in-depth view of specific channels. Key capabilities include:

  • Ability to customize to specific business environment and need
  • In-built library of hundreds of KPIs, that is relevant across industry types and can be easily configured to provide for a cost effective solution
  • Deploys multiple security features ranging from role and hierarchy based access to single-sign-on integration with various authentication systems
  • Faster performance, ease of use, ease of maintenance, robust reporting, self-service reporting, and easy upgrades

Marketing Measurement and Analysis

Axtria’s Marketing Measurement and Analysis module helps evaluate the ROI on multiple campaigns and promotional channels. In turn, this facilitates timely and proactive course corrections to your campaigns to ensure the realization of end marketing goals. The capabilities of this module include:

  • Extensive library of ROI algorithms including test and control and multivariate regression techniques
  • Availability across devices
  • Multiple simulations of transformations to identify the best model forms which fit data well to explain channel impact
  • Reference database comprising of benchmarks

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