Axtria DataMax

Data-as-a-service: virtualized & collaborative commercial support model

DataMax is a “Data‐as‐a‐Service (DaaS)” framework pre-configured for industry specific data needs – converting raw data to analytics ready data mart. It supports several applications including master data management, data quality, data integration and data enhancement. The framework is built ground-up with enterprise grade, Gartner recommended technology backbone. It has a robust DQA engine to ensure highest quality of data. Axtria’s solution can be deployed as a subscription service on the cloud, utilizing Axtria’s enterprise-grade technology platform, or on-premises with the technology platform of your choice. The solution is mobile-ready, can integrate with existing CRM and MDM systems and is completely configurable based on your specific requirements.

  • Pre-configured for industry specific needs
  • Quick configuration and deployment
  • Live dashboards with KPI indicators
  • Robust data quality engine
  • Real time tracking and reporting

Data Quality Management

The Data Quality Management module leverages the quality assurance engine to ensure data quality checks against the dimensions of completeness, consistency, timeliness, uniqueness, validity and referential integrity. The solution provides for automated workflows to perform the following operations:

  • Configure business specific rules and lookups for standardization, design transformation & correction activities
  • Match / merge / link data from disparate sources
  • Perform comprehensive and rigorous data audits
  • Assess data quality: through process checks, application checks, and qualitative questionnaire
  • Profile data: Inspect data for inconsistency, redundancy, incompleteness and errors; classify into data issue classes
  • Ensure privacy / industry specific compliance rules
  • Data certification to authenticate the data and feedback for process improvement

Master Data Management

The Master Data Management module provides solutions to manage large-scale data and run it with “factory level” processes to ensure quality data is delivered to the enterprise. Axtria also applies machine-learning algorithms to constantly match-merge and mine the data to refine business rules to achieve higher level of quality. Our customer master data generation factory is supported by:

  • Robust and intelligent Business Rule Engine – we have a repository of the rules applicable to generate customer master
  • Robust monitoring with standard reporting throughout the master data factory to control and deliver quality data for business use
  • Well defined data governance structure, policy and procedure to maintain and enhance the quality of the data
  • An enterprise grade technology architecture to support the master data and process architectures
  • An interoperable framework for ease of integration with EDW and Business Intelligence (BI) strategies

Data Enrichment

The data enrichment module includes tools and processes to improve core data assets. As clients move towards more customer facing processes, it becomes critical to gather intelligence on all stakeholders that affect purchase or conversion. Relationship insights are key to understanding markets, targeting, and resourcing. Internal data must be enhanced with secondary data sources as well as intelligence from customer facing resources (inside sales, web, field sales, service, etc.).

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