Rental Cars

Rental car companies can use data-driven insights on customer behavior to align fleet planning and pricing with customer needs

An in-depth understanding of the customer, including behavior, expectations and willingness to pay, enables car rental companies to set the right rates, position the right fleet, and calculate profitable reservation controls. Car companies can leverage comprehensive data and innovative analytics to gain customer insights.

Customer data can help identify which customers value ancillaries such as insurance options, navigation systems and alternative drop-off locations, improving targeting and pricing of these services. Channel analysis and prioritization can help rental car companies distribute appropriate car type inventory and set profitable rates. ROI analysis can help rationalize marketing spend across customer segments and advertising media.

At Axtria, we provide analytics solutions to help rental car chains, franchises and independent companies grow profits. Our solutions include:

  • Accurate business and leisure demand forecasting through customer choice based modeling and channel-car type-customer analysis
  • Revenue maximizing length-of-rent, upgrades and overbooking levels through active demand management and fleet planning
  • Effective rate management, with real-time rate and availability adjustments based on competitor monitoring
  • Personalized merchandising through multiple channels to improve share of wallet and loyalty
  • Managing marketing effectiveness and sales force effectiveness across all distribution channels and at the counter
  • Aligning fleet capacity with forecasted demand, through management of manufacturer turn-backs, car sales, new car deliveries and fleet routing
  • Partnering with airlines and hotels to realize cross-sell opportunities
  • Negotiating profitable distribution deals across internet and traditional channels