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The Retail and CPG industry has undergone significant change over last several years, with the advent of on-line channel, global competition, global suppliers and changing consumer demographics. The emergence of e-tailers also threatens the very existence of many a brick and mortar retailer. We are helping some of the major retailers and CPG companies overcome these challenges, by analyzing their data to provide critical strategies and recommendations.

Consumer behaviour is changing dramatically on an everyday basis. An increasingly budget conscious consumer is always looking for cheaper options, while showrooming is at an all-time high. Today’s consumers are better informed, engaged across several channels to decide what they want from where. To compete effectively in this “omni channel” world, retailers need an agile and data driven approach to taking decisions. Many national brands are facing stiff competition from private label and regional brands and a well concerted strategy needs to be developed by the CPG companies to hold onto their brand share and market share

We have the expertise in designing solutions to these challenges, helping retailers leverage unstructured data to get ingenious insights on customer behavior. We are also helping a host of e-commerce companies, apply the best of traditional as well as new age analytics and data science techniques to propel their growth and expansion.



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