Life Sciences

Manufacturers in the Life Sciences race against the patent clock to commercialize products in a closely regulated, dynamic marketplace. Analytics can help firms make the best possible sales and marketing decisions in this high-stakes environment

For companies specializing in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical devices, sales and marketing is being transformed by a variety of forces. Generic competition and managed care influence are increasing. Sources of opportunity are shifting with growth concentrated in developing markets. Health care reform will impact the US market both near term and long term. An expanding array of specialty therapies introduces new dynamics into an already complex selling environment. The traditional sales model where sales representatives detail physicians is under pressure for reasons including cost, alternative marketing channels, and increased influence of stakeholders beyond the physician.

To succeed, manufacturers in the Life Sciences must adapt their sales and marketing organizations to these demands. Axtria combines industry knowledge, advanced analytics and technology to deliver innovative sales and marketing capabilities that give our clients competitive advantage. We offer a range of solutions that address sales force effectiveness, managed markets, and marketing effectiveness. Examples of how we help clients include:

Navigating a complex managed care environment.  As prescribing decisions become more payer-driven, making the right distribution and contracting decisions becomes more and more critical. Axtria leverages data and analytics to help our clients understand the managed care environment and quantify impact, across the many parties involved, down to the local level

Coordinating marketing efforts across channels.  A manufacturer has many touchpoints across multiple channels with providers, patients and a host of other stakeholders. Coordinating activities across these channels in a way that is tailored to the needs of each stakeholder is the key to efficient and effective allocation of scarce resources. Axtria brings deep expertise to this multi-channel marketing challenge

Adopting nimble sales operations.  In a dynamic environment, manufacturers need to react quickly to threats and opportunities in the market. They may need to scale effort up or down, pivot resources to areas of need, or adjust incentives to align with marketing objectives. Axtria delivers tools and processes that provide our clients the necessary speed and flexibility to outmaneuver their competition

As manufacturers look to increase both the efficiency and effectiveness of their sales and marketing operations, the advantages of outsourcing some functions become very compelling. The right outsourcing partner can provide services that reduce cost while improving capabilities, and can provide a platform for future growth supported by the latest technologies. Axtria offers a proven outsourcing model, leveraging both on-shore and off-shore resources, with services that range from data management to business intelligence to incentive compensation.