Life & Annuity

Needs are evolving as population demographics change and consumers adapt to post-crisis financial realities: Analytics can help issuers position for the future

The recent financial crisis has shaken consumer confidence in all aspects of financial services. A need exists for life and annuity products to help consumers re-build and protect wealth. Declining premium volume, commoditization and margin pressure have prevailed as consumers scale back and seek simplicity in life and annuity policies. The Baby Boom demographic will move from wealth accumulation to preservation, and will need products to support this transition. Distribution remains a challenge given the complex mix of channels.

Understanding customer needs, choosing target market segments, creating products to serve these segments, and building the distribution network to reach these customers are all critical. Axtria solutions align data with business needs and integrate analytic capabilities to inform these decisions. Our solutions leverage a broad range of information, applying advanced analytics to identify meaningful metrics and yield insights that drive business performance.

Axtria offers solutions to address producer performance management, distribution network management, customer lifecycle management and marketing management. Examples include:

Select highest value prospects for targeted marketing programs. Analytics engines allow for customization of segments based upon the financial return from and likelihood of response to a specific marketing program

Empower producers. Analytics solutions provide producers advanced tools to allocate efforts across customer acquisition, retention and cross-sell activities. Flexible, customized solutions engineer in producer best practices, and include intelligence to maintain alignment between producer activity and company strategy