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Monetize content through tech-driven data delivery models

Information service providers and media (broadcast and publishing) content owners are witnessing unforeseen business model changes owing to the shifting nature of their core asset: Content. There is a need for nimble, agile and adaptive organizations and processes to manage the explosion of content and its associated rich data. We have vast experience in leveraging this data to derive ingenious insights at the point of decision.

Information, Media and Technology (IMT) industry is being challenged today by several factors such as reducing innovation cycles, altering business models, pressure on margins. With consumption patterns of cord-cutters driving content digitization, tech-led firms are not only displacing traditional media revenue, but also making sure they impact overall media operations including content production, access and delivery. With traditional advertising dollars converting to digital dimes, media owners need to accelerate their content operations with tech-led fuel and focus on developing newer data-optimized pay-per content delivery models thus behaving more like tech start-ups themselves.

With a shift from the six month manual-sales campaigns to customer data-led programmatic buying models, media companies need data partners which would help them stage a “Content Coup” while technology companies at their end need support to manage and propel their growth leveraging all multi-channel data-points. We are there to support at each step of these operational model shifts with their suite of offerings for the IMT set of customers.

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