Decision Science

Using insight to drive strategic decision making

The marketplace is changing at a pace never seen before. Digital has disrupted every industry with data sources exploding, both in volume and variety. The only way to compete is to leverage insights faster than the competition. Data is the new opportunity.

Driving a culture of data-driven decision making requires you to:

  • Leverage new data sources and advanced analytical methods
  • Build a culture of experimentation and transparency
  • Integrate next generation platforms into the delivery process
  • Deploy a flexible operating model that adapts and scales as the business needs

The frameworks put in place today need to be designed for tomorrow, leveraging new data sources, creative talent, strong governance, and flexible cloud technology.


Marketing Analytics capabilities to provide integrated marketing mix evaluation and design across channel, targeting, and message:

  • Framework for campaign planning and evaluation
  • Market mix modeling and channel impact
  • Multi-channel budget optimization
  • Campaign effectiveness and ROI
  • Optimum next best action using Axtria Triggers
  • Short cycle promotion response modeling for faster insights in launch lifecycle

Commercial Model Design capabilities to provide a complete data-driven approach to devising sales force strategy:

  • Data discovery, collection, and processing
  • Brand performance forecasting
  • Model different size and structure scenarios
  • Workload build-up, affordable coverage, and time series models
  • Business change management

Customer Analytics capabilities deliver complete insight into the customer and their journeys:

  • Customer segmentation and profiling
  • Customer profitability and lifetime value
  • Customer journey and digital footprint
  • Cross-sell and up-sell opportunity
  • Loyalty programs, engagement, and advocacy

Digital Analytics capabilities to provide complete insight into digital marketing campaigns and channels:

  • Channel insight and optimization
  • Social media strategy and optimization
  • Digital data management strategy
  • Metric identification and rationalization
  • Digital customer journey management
  • Multi-channel online and offline integration



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