Axtria Company Overview

Superior analytics solutions built on sound knowledge of your business

Axtria is a Big Data and Analytics company which combines industry knowledge, analytics and technology to deliver solutions that help our clients make better data driven decisions. We aspire to be one of the largest purveyors of data-driven insights on this planet!

Axtria Advantage

The volume of data on Earth doubles every 12-15 months, but the number of analysts and data-savvy decision makers does not. As the speed of business accelerates, managers must make more, more complex, decisions faster. Axtria was founded to help clients navigate this chasm and create competitive advantage through data management and analytics.

Axtria combines analytics, business consulting and technology to help companies make better data-driven sales and marketing decisions, with measurable results. We help clients accelerate profitable growth by answering three fundamental questions:

  • How much should we spend? (by product, promotional channel, customer segment, geography?)
  • How do we allocate that spend?
  • How do we get it done?

More importantly, perhaps, Axtria partners deeply with clients that are committed to “the journey” – building capabilities and a culture of data-driven decision making. Our team is passionate about this journey, and looks forward to sharing it with you. Axtria serves clients with a high-touch onshore presence, and has built a global delivery model that focuses on reducing the total cost of ownership for clients with efficient execution, innovation and virtualization. Axtria brings “order to this chaos” through core capabilities:


Business Consultants – Data Scientists – Technology Experts


Data Management – Business Operations Outsourcing


Enterprise Grade – Mobile – Social & Collaborative Platforms


Our clients regularly cite Axtria’s thought leadership, innovation, and executive consulting expertise as key differentiators. We help clients navigate the challenging business environment with new thinking, unencumbered by existing ideas or business interests to protect. We engage with innovative solution design, rather than merely “gather” requirements.


Axtria’s ‘everything-as-a-service’ approach adapts to our clients’ changing business needs – turning services on/off, scaling resources to support product launches, etc. As a result, significant portions of clients’ cost structures convert from fixed to variable. A strong and scalable delivery organization focuses on reducing the total cost of ownership with efficient execution, innovation, and virtualization.


Our well established and proven platforms provide for rapid configuration. An open architecture facilitates integration with other systems, and the ability to flex with evolving business needs. Field facing tools are simple, requiring minimal training and burden on overtaxed IT organizations. Significant R&D ensures that Axtria continues to deliver innovations to help companies “do more with less – effectively.”

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