The Axtria Experience

As a member of our team, you will work with leading corporations to address critical business issues and deliver measurable impact. You will help clients make better data-driven decisions in sales, distribution, marketing and customer management. You will gain a breadth of experience working on a variety of engagements, across clients and industries.

Our working environment is team-based and collaborative. Your colleagues will challenge you to grow. Your projects will require creativity, analytical skills and a passion for problem solving. Our people have degrees from leading institutions and experience in a variety of industries. Most have advanced degrees in management, engineering, mathematics, economics and computer science. While we have many common traits, we are a team with a diversity of expertise, including marketing, consulting, advanced analytics and software engineering.

We take the long view. Performance over time requires the discipline to invest and the patience to realize returns. We work to build lasting client relationships, focusing on integrity and delivering real value. We take the time to develop our people. We allocate effort to building the intellectual capital necessary to maintain growth.

We are focused on learning. Skill development is important at every level, from the newest analyst to the most experienced principal. We believe in apprenticeship: new consultants work side-by-side with seasoned managers and have open access to our firm’s leaders. Our people derive energy from constantly learning and advancing the firm’s knowledge.

We are also pragmatic. We appreciate an elegant solution, but never let pursuit of perfection stand in the way of real-world client needs. Value to the client is ultimately how we are judged and how we succeed.

Our goal is an environment that inspires your best work. One that fosters mutual respect among colleagues. We encourage core values of integrity, compassion and open communication. We value the combination of curiosity, determination and confidence that motivates people to push on new ideas until a kernel of truth is revealed. We are committed to providing exception results for our clients, and expect this from every member of the team.