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Axtria is an emerging force in the big data analytics industry helping organizations make better use of data. We are building an exceptional team of motivated and talented individuals to realize this vision.

Our Values – Doing RIGHT






Why Join Axtria?

Learn, Grow, Enjoy!

At Axtria, we take immense pride in building careers! As a member of our team, you will work with leading corporations to address critical business issues and deliver measurable impact. In helping clients make better data driven decisions, you will gain a breadth of experience working on a variety of engagements, across functions, clients and industries. Your colleagues will challenge you to grow. Your projects will require creativity, analytical skills and a passion for problem solving.

We aim to create an environment that inspires your best work. One that fosters mutual respect among colleagues. We live and breathe the Axtria Values – “Do the RIGHT thing” with RIGHT standing for our core values. We value the combination of curiosity, determination and confidence that motivates people to pursue a problem until a kernel of truth is revealed.

Holistic Learning and Development: Axtria Institute

From its inception, Axtria consciously chose to provide the best training ground available in the analytics industry. To that end, we founded Axtria Institute (AI), an internal development body. Our multi-facet learning & development framework has been designed to help our associates “earn” certifications in multiple disciplines. Axtria Institute also enables top performers to “pay it forward”: share their knowledge and rise through the ranks of AI trainers to become an AI Guru. This is a sure shot way to groom oneself into leadership roles at Axtria and definitely a badge worth wearing on one’s resume!

Exponential Growth

The Axtria organization has been built with extensive focus on talent acquisition, talent development and talent retention. Our work environment is collegial and entrepreneurial that emphasizes intellectual meritocracy and innovation. The complete framework has been designed to help associates excel on five key pillars of success: Do great work, develop great client relationships, build Axtria’s capabilities, develop a great team, and foster personal and professional growth.

We have a structured rewards and recognition program to recognize performers (both as individuals and as a team) in multiple areas.

Great Benefits

Axtria believes in hiring and retaining the best talent in the industry. To that end, it offers great benefits to its associates to ensure complete satisfaction and overall performance efficiency. We have both, global as well as location specific benefits pertaining to leaves, medical, relocation, travel and food allowances, etc.

We have a very open culture where we solicit employee feedback on all aspects of organization, with the intent of making it one of the best organizations in Analytics industry to work for! Employees are provided several platforms to provide ideas and / or highlight issues.

Vibrant Culture

The culture at Axtria thrives on creativity, innovation and performance. We have an ‘open door’ policy where anyone can walk into any office and new associates can work with experienced professionals and Principals to ideate together. The result is a dynamic environment with plenty of opportunities for people to experiment, learn from their mistakes and push the envelope.

Every day is filled with learning and opportunities to succeed. You work in a collegial, collaborative work environment where every Associate is valued and respected for their contributions. We have consciously built an organization of people with whom we enjoy working.

Learning and Development

Exponential Growth

Great Benefits

Vibrant Culture

Open Positions

We are seeking leaders, innovators and problem solvers



Project Lead – Tableau

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