Sales planning & Forecasting

Transform your sales organization to realize market opportunities

Commercial promotional strategy can be a significant competitive advantage for firms that are willing to think creatively, challenge conventions and experiment in the market place. In our journey over the last two decades we have worked with several Fortune 500 companies to transform their commercial models in dramatic ways.

  • What is the optimal sales force size? What is best for your organization?
  • Can success with field force assets be had by continuing to use the same analytical models and business processes that were developed years ago?
  • How are you accounting for regional variations and dynamics?
  • How nimble are your processes to react and adapt to any local changes?
  • Are you able to provide sufficient focus to new launch and acquisitions as well as maturing products?

These and many more questions are at the heart of our sales planning & forecasting solution offering. The new market environment calls for new thinking, new analytics, new processes and new tools. Combining data on cost to serve and value to the company, we model the ROI of different selling strategies for different customer segments. The approach here leverages the “Sales Planning” module of our unique Axtria SalesIQ™ platform – a comprehensive and tightly integrated framework that ensures that the same data, models and assumptions used to drive the strategic decisions permeate across tactical plans and operations.

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