Lead Scoring And Targeting

Drive business performance with customized targeting

Acute focus and orientation to detail are key success factors in lead scoring and targeting. Our targeting process is extremely detailed and at the same time structured for greatest efficiency. Our approach delivers a series of outputs that are internally consistent and aligned with commercial objectives. The collaborative stakeholder involvement builds buy-in and the integration with sales operations supports ease of implementation.

  • Are your sales and marketing teams delighted with your current targeting process?
  • To what degree do you want to enable the sales teams to change their targeting plans?
  • Are you accounting for affiliations and / or relationships among your customers, in your targeting plans?

We work with clients to score their leads based on multiple datasets incorporating every available buying signal, and then design detailed targeting plans. Home office and field personnel need to work together to achieve better targeting and efficient utilization of selling resources. This involves incorporating a variety of complex rules consistent with business imperatives, mandates and constraints in order to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the commercial organization.

Axtria’s “Sales targeting” module deploys targeting plans that are customized to client needs and recognize market events across channels. The cloud based-platform ensures high availability, reliability, flexibility, nimbleness, scalability and efficiency while ensuring security and integration with other downstream systems.

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