Sales Deployment

Build nimble and agile organizations that can move at the speed of business

When territories are out of balance, too much effort is deployed against low potential customers and too little is deployed against many high potential customers. As a result, companies often leave millions of dollars on the table. A well-executed deployment process enables sales leadership to embed the intended strategy as communication and change management cascades through the sales organization.

  • Are you able to “do more with less” and increase sales productivity?
  • Are you able to capitalize on opportunities by changing resources or modifying territories “on the fly”?
  • Are you able to update territory alignments dynamically to reflect business realities such as changes to customer location and density, sales, market volume, brand strategy, etc.?
  • Do you have a smooth and robust process today for handling sales deployment changes requested by the field force?

Our solutions allow you to do all the above and more. Axtria has re-thought and redesigned the tactical planning and execution process from the ground-up. A successfully executed sales deployment exercise will help the sales personnel achieve their strategic goals, react swiftly to changes in local markets and motivate the team with fair and equitable opportunities.

As part of the Axtria SalesIQ™ platform, our “Sales Deployment” module is highly configurable and scalable, for territory management, roster management, and customers alignment. It is built in the cloud-based ecosystem and hence delivers high availability, scalability, reliability, and efficiency while ensuring security.

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