Advanced Reporting and Visualization

Accelerate your journey from data to insights

Business Intelligence or Reporting is a complex process given the ever-changing needs of users, speed of business and volatility, variety and velocity of data. Any reporting solution needs to scale with organizational changes driven by marketplace realities. Axtria brings its deep domain knowledge in building a flexible and scalable data management and reporting framework.

  • Is there a streamlined platform with a single version of truth?
  • Does your reporting platform enable field teams and home office to collaborate and share information?
  • Does it enable them to run ad hoc queries and analysis, if needed?
  • What is the adoption rate of your existing reporting tools?

What gets measured gets improved! Sales representatives in the field and decision makers in the home office need to be continuously aware of sales trends, customer moves and market dynamics. Axtria works with several Fortune 500 companies to accelerate their journey on the “BI maturity ladder” and transform them to a true “Intelligent Enterprise”. Our capabilities are built on a solid foundation of data management coupled with analytical visualization developed on state-of-the-art technologies. We have made significant investments in business analytics and field reporting with a dedicated Business Information Management (BIM) Center of Excellence. This CoE is intimate with industry data sources (US and Global), sales & marketing processes, best-of-breed data warehousing practices and platforms (e.g., Oracle, SAP HANA, IBM, Informatica, etc.), and BI tools (such as QlikView, Tableau, MicroStrategy etc.).

Our “Sales Reporting and Analytics” module within the Axtria SalesIQ™ platform, performs real time reporting and analytics to enable business users to take actions empowered by latest information at the point of decision.

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