Operational Risk Management

Capture, measure, model and review operational risk losses

Our solutions cover development, validation and monitoring of operational risk models, fraud rules and scanners and Anti Money Laundering (AML) triggers. We also strengthen your mortgage operations to reduce operational and regulatory risk.

  • Do you find difficulty in aligning business and risk on critical KRIs?
  • How sensitive are your models to ‘black swan’ events?
  • Do you have the right level of controls to manage operational risk of your portfolio?
  • Are your mortgage operations optimized to minimize legal risk?

The core services include design and development of comprehensive Operational Risk Management framework, development and alignment of critical KRIs, Loss Distribution Approach (LDA) based operational risk modeling (to assess ‘tail’ region more effectively), operational risk reporting, fraud scanner design, fraud rules efficiency testing, fraud monitoring and analytics and AML reporting / analytics. Further, we work extensively with mortgage companies to strengthen and automate their operations thereby reducing legal risk.

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