Risk Solutions

Integrated solutions for enterprise-wide risk management

We offer integrated risk management solutions across retail banking, corporate banking, insurance and capital markets to enable regulatory compliance, operational risk management, portfolio monitoring, information management and robust risk strategy implementation and testing.


With Basel, Dodd-Frank, CFPB and myriad other regulations, financial services institutions must enhance their risk management practices. Unfortunately, many firms continue to view risk in distinct silos – credit risk, operational risk, market risk, liquidity risk, and so on. In Axtria’s view, this is not how risk hits the financial world. Until firms adopt an enterprise wide integrated view of risk, with the ability to manage the risks within the business strategies, we believe the resilience and ability to withstand serious shocks is limited.

At Axtria, we provide integrated risk management solutions to avoid the risks of non-compliance, operational failure, model monitoring or weak portfolio supervision. In addition, Axtria helps clients achieve competitive advantage through deep insights into the nature of risk and the mechanisms to effectively control them.

Regulatory compliance

Comprehensive suite of services and solutions to assess and remediate gaps in your regulatory frameworks and compliance processes.

Operational risk management

Solutions to design Operational Risk Management (ORM) framework and develop its components for capturing, measuring, modeling and reviewing operational risk losses.

Portfolio Risk Management

Solutions and services to monitor the overall health of your portfolio, stress test to assess resilience and ‘break-points’, and manage troubled assets.

Risk strategy development and testing

Comprehensive services to design, develop, implement, test and monitor risk strategies in different risk technology platforms.

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