Spend Optimization

Effectively build coherent and powerful brand equity

The purchase model of our times is complex, to say the least! It is no longer about a single channel or a specific campaign in time, but rather the experience provided by the purchasing continuum. The key is to leverage one narrative moment to the next, building coherent and powerful brand equity – each interim step is crucial, but the linkages, and the pace of establishing these linkages, is what makes it explosive and changes the game.

  • Is your promotional spend strategy aligned with financial goals?
  • Do your channel mix decisions take into account the effect of multiple channels and stakeholders?
  • Does your response modeling solution have the ability to deal with new, messy, incomplete and inconsistent data sets?
  • Are you able to integrate the multiple data sets from different vendors / agencies in order to build a coherent picture of your performance that can guide your subsequent plans?

Marketing in general is getting more complex with introduction of multiple channels and stakeholders. Marketing Mix (and ROI-driven decision making in general) is a way of life, not a project or software platform. Successful marketing mix initiatives are holistic, and include elements of people, process, tools and culture. We deploy a mix of techniques, since we believe that a single, ‘silver bullet’ model to inform all channel mix decisions is typically not practical. Further, at Axtria, we have evolved our analytical methodologies to account for the role of interactions as well as sequences and linkages of communication in measuring the return on investment.

Axtria’s “Marketing Measurement and Analysis” module within the Axtria MarketingIQ™ allows for scenario creation and optimization to derive the profit or revenue maximizing mix, subject to budgetary constraints.

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