Promotion Effectiveness

Maximize returns on promotional investments across channels

In a world of rising costs and shrinking margins, it is critical to do more with less. When making their investment decisions, marketing leaders are constantly struggling with the proliferation of channels as well as the pressure to maximize business outcomes from the spend budget. Axtria leverages advanced modeling techniques to allocate marketing budgets in a way such that it maximizes returns and effectiveness.

  • Do your channel mix decisions take into account the effect of multiple channels and stakeholders?
  • Are you able to incorporate the impact of future market events when analyzing the responsiveness to your promotions?
  • Do you know which promotions or tactics derive the greatest ROI for your business?
  • How do you account for changing face of personal promotion (tele callers, sample droppers, chat representatives, etc.)?

At Axtria, we deploy a mix of analytical techniques, since we believe that a single, ‘silver bullet’ model to inform all channel mix decisions is typically not practical. We often use hierarchical modeling approaches, with different modeling techniques for different channels, in order to accommodate the wide diversity in marketing programs: varying frequency of touch points, varying geographic distribution, varying data availability, etc. We perform multiple simulations of transformations to identify the best model forms which fit data well to explain channel impact.

Our “Marketing Planning and Budgeting” module within Axtria MarketingIQ™ platform provides for automated tools with built-in algorithms to evaluate various promotional programs.

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