Marketing Operations

Link strategy to execution by aligning decision, processes and behavior

At Axtria, we act on the concept of a ‘Golden Thread’ that links strategy to execution. The ‘Golden Thread’ is a metaphor for the decisions, data/analytical processes, technology and human behavior that link strategy and results. Each bend, twist and cut of the thread reduces the quality of the gold delivered at the end of the process. Excellent marketing and selling organizations are aware of the ‘Golden Thread’, and strive to align decisions, processes, and behaviors accordingly.

  • Does your campaign execution fall short of plan owing to communication gaps across multiple stakeholders?
  • At any given point in time, do you have a complete and accurate view of your costs related to your campaigns across various brands and customer segments?
  • How do you manage multiple campaigns across multiple brands and customer segments?

We help marketers align resources to objectives, streamline production processes, track budgets and expenses, and improve team collaboration. Our “Marketing Operations” module within the Axtria MarketingIQ™ platform combines relevant process, technology and skills to bring the work of those who plan campaigns and those who execute them together into a single collaborative environment. The campaigns are set up in a structured hierarchical format to enable easy workflow management. Detailed communication plans are laid out to clarify roles and accountability. A set of pre-defined reports can be leveraged to assess the health of various programs on several parameters such as milestones, performance, spend, resource utilization, compliance, etc. The platform provides for a multi-wave, cross-channel campaign management application that can accommodate multiple customer contact strategies supporting various messages, channels, frequencies, and intervals for a given campaign.

The module boosts the effectiveness of cross channel programs and improves collaboration between marketing teams. It enables marketing teams to spend more time on creative and strategic work and less on managerial administration.

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