Fact based solution to maximize the product potential across its lifecycle

Regardless of the business, accurate forecasting of sales or demand is critical to stay ahead of competition. However, the process is as much an art as science. While on one hand, it involves the use of various statistical techniques and methods, on the other hand, it also calls for a deep understanding of the product and the markets. Our forecasting solutions brings in the right mix to help minimize the forecasting errors and hence associated losses.

  • Are your forecasts based on hard facts as opposed to opinions and estimates?
  • Are you able to analyze the sensitivity of your forecast to various parameters such as price, competitive scenario, geographical differences, etc.?
  • Are you able to strike a balance between inventory investment and optimal customer service levels?
  • Are your forecasting tools customized to your business environment and needs?

Our forecasting solution consists of an array of methodologies and techniques to forecast products based on their stage in the product lifecycle and associated goal. Our forecasting models have the ability to combine multiple datasets including primary research data, customer flow data, and sales data to build robust and accurate models. The forecasting methods in our arsenal include:

  • Qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Econometric methods
  • Artificial neural network methods
  • Probabilistic methods
  • Spectral analysis
  • Time series methods
  • Judgmental methods
  • Simulations
  • Hybrid forecasting models
  • Custom forecasting models, etc.

Axtria’s “Marketing Planning and Budgeting” module includes a series of custom utilities to help internalize the capability and allow our customers to run custom “what-if” scenarios at the click of a button. These tools provide an in-built list of specific drivers, constraints and parameters that can be leveraged to perform a rigorous sensitivity analysis. The end result is a forecasting process that enables organizations to create, compare and adjust forecasts on a continuous basis.

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