Digital Marketing

Leverage the window of opportunity – right there and right then!

Digital and Social Media platforms have opened up an all new world of marketing – one that transcends the border of time and geography. While on one hand digital footprints and interactions provide a wealth of information about customers and their connections, on the other hand, they also bring in complexities of mining unstructured data to filter out all noise and get to the gold. Axtria brings together the right combination of digital expertise, domain experience and technology platforms to provide insights at the point of action.

  • Do you have a disciplined process for digital and social media data collection and management?
  • Are your processes set to deliver tactics or manage customer experience?
  • Are you able to combine insights from both the online and offline worlds in order to paint an incredible and rich brand experience for your clients?

Marketers today are being challenged with the uncompromising realities of the new digital world. The Digital and Social Media Analytics CoE at Axtria brings together a menu of services and solutions in this space. Our offerings include:

  • Navigation pattern analysis
  • Automated reporting
  • Market mix modeling
  • Online and offline integration
  • Digital and social media strategy
  • Tag management
  • Website performance optimization
  • Web analytics
  • Social media listening
  • SEM & SEO
  • Engagement analysis
  • Vendor or tool consulting
  • Data modeling and architecting
  • Etc.

We bring significant experience in the latest technologies to be able to mine the wealth of digital and social media data and combine it with rigorous analytical techniques to generate valuable insights. Our team has helped implement strategic Digital Marketing services in multiple industries.

Axtria’s “Marketing Reporting” module with in-built KPIs brings together an incredible combination of digital experience, statistical expertise, and cutting edge technology. Hosted on the cloud, the application provides for an integrated view of the customer across various online and offline channels, while leveraging an in-built library of metrics. The application provides the flexibility to customize the KPIs, as well as alerts and notifications to specific business situation / imperatives.

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