Marketing Solutions

Engage customers with an optimal mix and efficient operations

Traditional approach to marketing has focused on delivery of tactics, without much attention paid to managing the customer experience, leading to uncoordinated and/or even over messaging to the customers. Axtria is working with clients to design and implement a customer centric approach to marketing. This approach helps ensure a better customer experience and eventually translates into improved campaign performance.


Today’s marketing executives must achieve revenue targets that continue to grow, with marketing budgets that consistently shrink. Our analytics solutions increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your efforts. We leverage the breadth of available customer data to provide insights that help you make better marketing decisions:

  • Design value propositions that appeal to target customers
  • Set prices to achieve financial goals; design campaigns with high ROI
  • Use the right mix of channels to reach your intended audience

Axtria’s CRM solutions provide for a transparent, integrated and holistic framework, including elements of people, process, technology, and culture to accelerate our client’s relationship marketing journey. We do this with an eye towards constantly improving the ROI of marketing and sales efforts, through data and analytics. Axtria MarketingIQ™ platform provides a comprehensive framework for effective promotion execution and management. It includes the tools and processes for making fact-based decisions, while balancing macro and micro level information.

Axtria offers a suite of Marketing Management solutions:

Spend Optimization

Optimally allocate your valuable sales and marketing resources across all channels of promotion to maximize your returns.

Promotion Effectiveness

Evaluate or predict the ROI on your investments and minimize your risks / costs.

Market Analysis

Identify opportunities and threats in order to plan out your marketing strategy.


Forecast all along your product lifecycle, using the latest tools and methodologies.

Marketing Operations

Translate strategy into action with a robust and disciplined approach.

Digital Marketing

Strategize your digital marketing initiatives and improve effectiveness of multi-channel marketing spend.

Advanced Reporting and visualization

Get timely and actionable reports based on insightful metrics that support strategic and tactical decisions.

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