Supply Chain Analytics

Lower operational cost while driving revenue growth

Inefficiencies in supply chains can be frustrating, time consuming, costly and in fact, detrimental to overall business performance. Organizations with excellent supply chain function enjoy a significant edge over their competitors. The availability of huge volume of data around operations, has made it possible to draw invaluable insights in order to improve forecasts, demand planning and inventory management, sourcing, logistics and production.

  • Are your operations aligned towards meeting your sales targets, while allowing you to maintain an optimal inventory?
  • Are you able to model future uncertainties in the form of scenarios in order to analyze and decide the best course of future action?
  • Are you operating at lowest operational cost while driving customer service, revenue and growth?

Axtria can help our clients in making supply chain data create great value for their organizations. We not only deliver significant cost savings, but also help provide the management with tactical and strategic guidance through superior Business Intelligence.

Our solution suite includes:

  • Network design and optimization (what-if scenarios to evaluate economic trade-offs with respect to various aspects of storage costs, transportation costs, manufacturing costs etc.),
  • Sales operations planning (quick and easy to implement playbooks for long term and tactical planning),
  • Forecasting (creating new models or improving existing),
  • Inventory modeling (to improve the accuracy and performance of daily replenishment and inventory planning).

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