Procurement And Spend Analytics

Enable insight-driven decision making across functions

Axtria is working with leading organizations to help them optimize their procurement performance by integrating multiple data sets from across the enterprise value chain. We are leveraging advanced analytical techniques to identify biggest spend categories, biggest strategic sourcing opportunities, category representing highest level of risk, areas of off-contract spend, groups with maximum quality issues, seasonal variations in orders and prices, etc. We are using data science methods to make recommendations around vendor consolidation, SKU consolidation, seasonality based pre-ordering, etc.

  • Do you have an in-depth understanding of the transactions performed in the procurement cycle – percentage of requisitions that declined, spend category representing highest bills, etc.?
  • Are you able to free up your working capital?
  • Where are your biggest strategic sourcing opportunities?
  • What are your most significant areas of off-contract spend?

At Axtria, we specialize in solving these and many more problems for our clients in the area of procurement. Our offerings include:

  • Vendor evaluation (“on time” deliveries, quality of materials, price considerations, vendor scorecard)
  • Spend analytics (optimum price targets, seasonality trends)
  • Demand forecasting (for effective and efficient inventory planning)
  • Data management
  • Risk mitigation
  • Vendor consolidation
  • Procurement dashboards
  • Reduction of maverick buying

We leverage machine learning algorithms to deliver reliable results that “learn” from data to build and constantly refine predictive models.

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