HR Analytics

Recruit, retain, motivate and develop talent

Organizations are finding it increasingly harder to recruit and retain good talent. While on one hand, there are relentless cost pressures, on the other hand, there is a continuous struggle to align organizational goals with stakeholder aspirations and available opportunities. Axtria is working with leading organizations to build a 360 degree view of their workforce and provide the relevant tools and solutions for end to end talent management.

  • Are your talent management decision and strategies based on solid data and robust analysis?
  • Are your people-evaluation processes suffering from elements of too much subjectivity?
  • Do you know which of your employees are at a risk of attrition, and what can be done to prevent the same?
  • What drives your employee satisfaction at work? How does your organization score on some of these parameters, and what can be done to bring significant improvements?

At Axtria, we harness an organization’s people and transactional data to improve their profitability by optimizing workforce cost, determining key drivers for attrition, identifying competency gaps, developing new hire strategies and choosing the most effective compensation and benefits options. We provide you with data-driven insights that enable you to make business decisions for effective talent identification, recruitment, development, retention, and workforce planning.

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