Data Strategy

Build a cost effective, scalable and flexible data strategy

Data management and its strategy (including governance of assets) form the foundation for commercial transformation, especially when the focus needs to shift from insight to foresight. The objective is to define a process to acquire and integrate new data sources or remove existing ones while accounting for interoperability needs with clients’ existing systems and potential future growth options.

  • Do you feel ‘awash in data, yet thirsting for insights’?
  • Are you still waiting for your firm’s data initiative to help you?
  • Do your data assets support your strategy?
  • Does your strategy anticipate the flexibility needed to operate at the speed of business?

In order to provide our clients with a cost effective, scalable, and flexible data solution, Axtria engages in in-depth business assessment exercise followed by comprehensive blue printing encompassing multiple dimensions such as technology, system, data, business rules, workflows, architecture, etc. The solution defines a “Data Supply Chain Model” by producing the appropriate architectures, requirements, designs, organizational structures, governance models, stewardship processes, and relevant technologies.

Our data strategy and governance initiatives are strongly aligned to corporate goals and objectives. The initiatives focus on improving the trust, reliability, and distribution of master data and reference/sales data. The intent is to address the drivers of enterprise information requirements in terms of quality, accessibility, relevance and timeliness provided to the global enterprise.

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