Data Science

Use the latest data science techniques to drive your business growth

Most companies are struggling to figure out how to use Data Science and Big Data to fuel the growth of their business and to build a competitive advantage. Few of them struggle with shortage of expertise in new age Big Data technologies, while others are yet to take that leap of faith. At Axtria, we help companies at various stages of their data science evolution, and enable clients find returns from their investments in data science, through expert advice (leading to creation of big data implementation and adoption roadmaps), solutions (creating customized data science solutions to solve their pressing business problems or increase efficiencies), or skilled Data Scientists.

  • Are your teams well versed in the latest Big Data technologies and is your organization well equipped to take advantage of the fact that a lot of insights can now be generated “real time” as compared to analyzing “historical” data?
  • Are you equipped with the right tools and techniques to handle massive data volumes?
  • Does your team understand which data to use and which data to discard (noise) and create a model for “data in motion”?
  • Can your teams analyze unstructured data as effectively as structured data and be able to present a rounded view of your business and consumers?

We have one of the largest pools of data scientists in the world, who are working on cutting edge technologies and helping our clients derive value from their investments in Big Data. Our talented pool of data scientists specialize in Hadoop, Amazon Redshift, Apache Storm, Spark, Google BigQuery, Splunk, Hive, Hbase, HDFS, MongoDB, PIG, Python, R et al. We have created a host of customized applications for our clients that give “near real time” solutions.

We have delivered significant amounts of cost savings and data processing efficiencies to our clients through very clever implementations and integration of Hadoop based solutions with their existing data infrastructures.

Be it in the use of machine learning techniques and deep learning techniques for creating the best in class “click through rate“ prediction models for evaluating ad performance or use of Random Forest and K- Nearest Neighbors algorithm in improving on existing classification and regression models, Axtria is at the forefront of development in the field of Data Science.

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