Data Integration and Warehouse Management

Data warehouse in the cloud with improved service levels

At Axtria, data and data management is the foundation of everything. Therefore, we have capabilities to manage large-scale data and run it with “factory level” processes to ensure that quality data is delivered to the enterprise. Our structured framework, templates and tools help clients institutionalize their data warehousing processes. Our understanding of reference architectures and pre-built data models enables us to manage change better with quicker implementations at lower total cost of ownership.

  • Is data management consuming more resources than analytics?
  • Do you have a single source of truth flowing through all strategic and operational processes?
  • Is the timely collection and accurate processing of data from various vendors a painful and broken process?
  • Are the existing warehousing systems in line with the organization’s strategic objectives?
  • Are you able to leverage field intelligence to enhance your data assets?

Data management and enrichment is becoming increasingly complex as the number of data sources and providers increase. In today’s environment organizations need to rely on multiple data sources for their strategic and tactical decisions. The process for managing data is effort intensive and has a significant impact on the quality of analysis that can be delivered. Further the data sources are becoming increasingly complex and varied. Organizations need to be able to effectively source and manage data in order to drive business decision making.

DataMAx is Axtria’s out of the box “Data-as-a-service (DaaS)” framework to support data management, data quality, master data management, data enrichment and integration. It has an enterprise grade technology backbone which intakes and processes large volumes of data from multiple sources. DataMAx also has a robust engine to assure data quality and provides real time tracking and reporting.

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