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Data-As-A-Service – virtual and collaborative commercial support model

The fast pace of business is making the traditional warehouses less valuable to the issues faced by managers. Today’s business demands data warehousing and business intelligence applications that are able to analyze large quantities of data over time, to determine the best course of action. The need of the hour is to have a well governed centralized process with business rules and meta-data shared across sources for smoother integration and hence higher level of data quality.


Most organizations today feel ‘awash in data, yet thirsting for insights’. Technology must be complemented by well-governed processes, business rules, and meta-data shared across sources for smoother integration and better data usability. Axtria has made significant investments in dedicated Business Information Management and Business Technology Centers of Excellence. These CoEs are intimate with industry data sources (US and Global), ETL-processes, best-of-breed data warehousing platforms (e.g., Oracle, SAP HANA, IBM, Informatica, Hadoop, etc.), and BI tools (such as QlikView, Tableau, MicroStrategy etc.). We offer a data warehouse framework on the cloud, and fully managed services model for virtual operations.

DataMAx, Axtria’s data-as-a-service framework, is pre-configured for industry specific data needs, converting raw data to analytics-ready data marts. The framework supports multiple applications designed to meet specific needs of data management, quality assurance, master data and integration.

Data strategy

Data management and its strategy (including governance of assets) form the foundation for commercial insights readiness, especially when the organization shifts from insight to foresight.

Data integration and warehouse management

Axtria has deep understanding of master data management – we know about breadth and depth of external and internal data that goes into generating the customer master.

Business intelligence

Axtria brings considerable domain knowledge in building flexible and scalable data management and reporting framework, given the ever-changing user needs, speed of business, volatility, variety and velocity of data.

Data Science

Axtria helps companies at various stages of their data science evolution, and enables them to find returns from their investments in data science, through expert advice, solutions or skilled Data Scientists.

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