Customer Retention

Take your customer experience to an all new level to retain them for life

Selling to an existing customer is seven times easier than acquiring a new one. An existing customer also leaves behind a trail of many more foot prints, which if analyzed accurately, can uncover a plethora of opportunities – not only for growing business but for building long lasting and profitable relationships. Axtria leverages the latest techniques and algorithms to maximize customer life time value.

  • Are your marketing efforts moving away from share of wallet to “share of care”?
  • How often are you able to convert your first-time shoppers into repeat shoppers?
  • Do you segment and target your customers based on their “stickiness”?
  • Is your reward and loyalty program generating sufficient ROI?

It’s an era of choices! If you don’t take care of your customers, someone else will! At Axtria, our solutions help differentiate between one-time buyers and repeat customers, identify attrition risk factors and design loyalty programs to retain profitable customers. Axtria works with clients to monitor and manage customer engagement and advocacy by optimizing customer experience across multiple channels. Propensity modeling, combined with predictive analytics, allows for customer segmentation and individualization for achieving high levels of relevancy and customization to ensure retention. Real time monitoring of campaigns allows for early detection and quick course corrections.

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