Customer Profitability

Leverage a 360-degree view to grow a profitable customer base

New age marketing leverages a good mix of channels and campaigns to win customers with a compelling value proposition. To succeed in this era, one needs to build a holistic view of their customers. It is not only critical to understand the drivers of success, but also to map out all dependencies and identify the risk factors early in the game.

  • Are you making the most of your “riskier” customers?
  • Do you enjoy a 360-degree view of your customers and their profitability?
  • Are you pulling the right levers to maximize your customer profitability, while minimizing your risks and costs?

In order to do more with less, just growing the customer base is not sufficient. It is important to win, retain, and grow a profitable customer base. This, in turn, requires:

  • An in-depth and holistic understanding of your customers
  • Identification and tracking of the right metrics, and
  • Robust predictive and descriptive models to identify all leakages

The baseline customer profitability sets the foundation for an ongoing learn-plan-do cycle as part of customer lifecycle management.

We provide an integrated, real time and granular view of customer profitability, enabling informed forecasting and planning, including price sensitivity analysis.

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