Customer Growth

Provide coherent and customized experience to your customers

Customer interactions generate a plethora of signals around their needs and preferences. Axtria leverages advanced predictive algorithms and techniques to convert these signals into meaningful and actionable insights. These insights lend the required personalization to our client’s targeting strategies, thereby eliciting the desired response. The strategies are executed via an optimal mix of channels and messages in order to weave a compelling value proposition.

  • Are you able to penetrate deeper into your existing customers?
  • Are you able to mine the massive ocean of structured and unstructured data to uncover preferences and behaviors conducive to growth?
  • At what cost are you acquiring additional customers?
  • Are you leveraging all available channels to weave a meaningful and engaging stream of touch points, customized to each customer’s profile and his / her stage in purchase lifecycle?

From broadcasting a series of monologues at ‘easy’ customers in order to sell products, to having an engaging and effective dialogue with fairly ‘complex’ targets to make meaningful connections – marketing has definitely come a long way. The touch point with the customers no longer depends on the store closure time. At Axtria, we provide superior analytical methods to identify products and services aligned with segment-specific needs, and to grow revenue with targeted cross-sell opportunities.

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