Customer Acquisition

Spend less and win more, with insights at the point of acquisition

In today’s world, while touch points are increasing, the attention span of a prospective customer is decreasing. At the same time however, the customers are becoming much more informed and demanding. It is therefore critical to leverage each opportunity and customize the message to the inferred need and preferences in order to engage and acquire customers.

  • Are you able to identify and convert prospects into customers?
  • Are you making the most of your “window of opportunity” with each prospect, using customized messages / offers and using the most effective channel?
  • In reaching out to your prospects, are you able to leverage each and every buying signal, crafting a continuum of touch points to elicit desired response and eventual conversion?

At Axtria, we work with our clients to help attract more valuable customers with smarter and actionable analytics. We combine massive volumes of data assets to create powerful predictive and descriptive models to segment prospects. Axtria teams are well versed with several segmentation techniques such as clustering methodologies, latent class methods, rule based algorithms, primary research, etc. Often, we have used a combination of two or more of such approaches for coming up with the segmentation.

The “Data Enrichment” module within our Axtria DataMAx provides an easy to use, web-based tool to uncover customer relationships / networks in order to identify and quantify influence. DataMAx also provides the ability to gather field intelligence and combine it with other data assets to build strong customer profiles.

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