Customer Insights Solutions

Engage, acquire, retain and grow profitable customers

The new age customer is both demanding and connected! High performing companies therefore leverage the power of data to uncover deep customer insights and customize strategies for building long lasting and profitable relationships. The key to success is to understand the customer needs and preferences in a way such that it is easier to inform, engage, convert, retain and grow them over time.


The exponential growth in data, combined with advances in analytical techniques, creates an opportunity. Customer data can reveal distinct, high value customer segments with unique needs and behaviors. An in-depth understanding of each segment can help marketers reach the highest-value customers through the most effective channels with the best offers. Axtria is working with several small and large organizations to help them:

  • Segment prospects and customers based on lifetime value and long-term profitability
  • Target high value customers and manage churn
  • Increase customer growth and profitability
  • Optimize marketing mix and manage individual campaigns

Our solutions often include software platforms to embed capabilities in your organization; these platforms can work independently or integrate with your CRM and other enterprise systems. Our approach can be broad, solving simultaneously across multiple areas, or focused, addressing a specific objective, depending upon the business need.

Customer Acquisition

Segment prospects based on lifetime value and customized targeting.

Customer Growth

Grow revenue with targeted cross sell and up sell opportunities while leveraging cross channel campaigns.

Customer Retention

Predict attrition and design appropriate loyalty programs to manage customer engagement and advocacy.

Customer Profitability

Plan, forecast and analyze to build a profitable customer base.

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